DATE #2, Gucci Belt Guy

January 10th, 2019

Boy #2. I was excited for boy #2, his profile made him seem funny, laid back, and very very cute. I am a sucker for a tall boy and according to his profile he was 6′ 4″! He picked a bar in downtown Austin that all the boys at work were impressed by. So I was hopeful!

Side note: I work in a bank with all boys, who love to hear all about the dates. Wait let me rephrase that.. they love to hear about the bad dates because I think it reassures them that they would never be that bad of a first date.

Yet again I chug a hefty glass of wine before the date to calm the nerves. I park my car at my office parking garage and walk two blocks to the bar.

When I get there, the pictures were not lying! Boy #2 was very handsome. He had that swoopy cute boy hair and I was into it. He had already gotten a drink, but for me to order a drink, I had to go up to the bar separately and order. Well he didn’t follow me to the bar like I had thought so I ended up paying for my drink. Which let me tell you I don’t have a problem with but it would have been nice for him to try to pay. It was an awkward situation since he already had a drink and you have to go to the bar to order, I was probably overthinking it and he would have paid in another situation. Well nope because when we went to get a second drink, he did not pay.

So the conversation didn’t come that easy, he was pretty shy and we didn’t really hit it off. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, it is a first date, he’s probably nervous. He told me about how he worked at this tech company and how he lives in an apartment near mine. We talked about shopping and he mentioned how he would buy his girlfriend a Cartier bracelet. My ears perked up (who wouldn’t want someone to gift them Cartier, sign me up!). The conversation was very dull and borderline felt like pulling teeth. He just didn’t have too much to say.

Sadly, we were not a match made in heaven. I did learn that swoopy hair leads guys to be a little douchey. But here are the major hitters that had me running for the hills.

He asked me how much my purse was. Which I am a purse whore so I’ve spent more than I would like to say, but what guy cares about how much my purse is!?

He bragged to me about how his $450 Gucci belt just came in the mail. I asked why he wasn’t wearing it and we still don’t know why he wasn’t wearing his Gucci pride and joy.

Now here is the zinger.

I politely was trying to end the date and asked where he had parked his car. He told me he Ubered (no big deal, drinks were involved, no questions asked) and proceeded to tell me that he did not have car insurance!!! (Please note here, how he had been bragging about his $450 Gucci belt) I felt myself getting awkward, I didn’t know what to say, so since he lived by me I offered him a ride home……

I regret the words as soon as they came out of my mouth.

So he took my offer and we awkwardly walked the two blocks back to my office parking garage. In my mind I couldn’t help but think, “I could murder this kid…. Does he not know about getting in strangers cars?? Wait… he could kill me!! I guess I would probably make it on to one of my favorite murder podcasts…” The next ten minutes were filled with awkward silence and REGRET. I dropped his ass off at his apartment complex that is two complexes over from mine and floor it back to the safety of my apartment. SEE YOU NEVER GUCCI BELT GUY!

Except not see you never, I run into Gucci Belt Guy everywhere, at the bar, on the trail by the river, and at the bar again!

This guy really needs to re prioritize his life. The Gucci belt over car insurance? Or maybe on future dates he should leave out the part where he doesn’t have car insurance.

One thought on “DATE #2, Gucci Belt Guy

  1. I like your blog. You have a great way of making the dates funny. Hope you find Mr. Right! What happens now when you see Gucci belt? Do you say hello and is it awkward? Just wondering.


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