The Back Story

After New Year’s Eve I decided to jump right into the dating app world. Me, being 23, had never used a dating app before, but I had heard countless success stories and even people meeting the love of their lives on these apps.

I guess I should give you a little bit of a back story on why I decided to go on 19 dates this year.

I had a boyfriend for two and a half years, you know the kind you have in college and you think you are going to marry, have 2.6 kids with, two dogs, and live in the suburbs. Yea that is what I thought. Boy was I wrong. So as you can tell, we didn’t work out.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2019, boy quickly found a new girlfriend and deleted me on all social networks (even LinkedIn!!!!) and thus pretending I never existed. So my response was, if he can find a new girlfriend so quick and easy, then I can SURELY find 19 boys who will go on a date with me. What is better than one girlfriend? 19 boyfriends!

So I downloaded Hinge, Bumble, The League, and Ship and got to swiping.

I quickly started to learn that this was more than proving a point. This was teaching me about what I want, what I don’t want, and getting outside of my comfort zone. I was finally starting to learn about who Audrey is.

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