Boy #7: All Around Meh

March 28th, 2019

I went on a date with Boy #7 while I was still seeing Boy #6. I didn’t really want to like Boy #6, so I thought continuing on with the 19 dates would push Boy #6 out of my mind. I was wrong. I liked Boy #6 and poor Boy #7 didn’t get much of a fair chance.

We met downtown for drinks. He was tall and nerdy cute. Which is more my type of guy.

Honestly, this is the first date I had that was just meh. He didn’t say anything weird, he didn’t do anything odd, he seemed totally normal. We didn’t hit off and that is so okay. I would describe our conversation as similar to the types of conversations you have at a work networking event. I am racking my brain and I can’t remember too many details about him or the date!

He was a very nice guy, he bought my drinks, and walked me halfway to my car before we parted ways. This guy was a completely normal and nice guy but there was no connection.

This was the first time I had left a date feeling slightly bummed. Truly nothing interesting happened on the date. This date only solidified my feelings for Boy #6.

I would soon find out that I would rather go on a bad date than a boring, uninteresting date. The bad dates made for good stories and learning experiences, where the meh dates didn’t provide me with any research.

The past 7 dates have included: a teeth picker, Gucci belt guy, breastfeeding boy, the guy I almost liked, the biggest douchebag ever, I guy I actually dated for a second, and a meh date. My odds are not looking like they are in my favor for finding someone worth all my time. 12 more dates to go.

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